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Successful Crowdfunding Campaign on Startnext

Successful Crowdfunding Campaign on Startnext

Now the time has come - our crowdfunding campaign has officially ended! 🥳

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are so excited that you have given us the starting signal for our production! The past few weeks have been quite a rollercoaster for us, but this time has been one of our most valuable experiences! We had the opportunity to test our concept, see which goodies you liked the most, and most importantly, get to know you better!

The Facts

A total of 45 supporters helped us to collectively raise an impressive funding amount of 8,435€. 💪 The most popular goodie, which was almost sold out, is our black smartphone case, which we are thrilled about! Closely followed by our gray smartphone case, the stylish QR cloth, and our statement T-shirts. The blue version of our smartphone case didn't convince you, as it wasn't booked at all. 😅

What's Next?

From now on, the funding amount will be prepared for payout and each individual entry will be checked by Startnext's cooperation partner, Stripe. The payout to our account will take place in 21 days. In the meantime, we will order materials, send your goodies into production, and print the packaging. Then we will prepare everything for shipping. We will keep you updated on this process. 💙

Here is the link to our crowdfunding campaign on Startnext!

Best regards and many thanks again!

Nicole and Daniel


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